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Welcome to MASS Hydraulics

Mass has a wide range of Hydraulic gear pumps for mobile and industrial market segments.Mass has developed these pumps from breakthrough technology by providing innovative art-to-part engineering, state-of-the-art lean, flexible manufacturing with world-class infrastructure and on-time delivery of components.


Mass Hydraulic gear pumps are available in four frame sizes giving displacements from 0.8 cm3/rev to 153cm3/rev @210bar max. These Hydraulic gear pumps are also available in Tandem Configurations and there is specialization in supplying gear pumps to special order instructions


which is subject to quantity including multiple section pumps. High volumetric efficiencies produced by Mass Hydraulic gear pumps are achieved in part by careful attention to the control of gear tip leakage. The body to gear geometry is arranged such that during the running in test cycle, to which every unit is subjected, the gears cut perceptible tracks in the body. These gear pumps with lined bimetal bearings are used to sustain high journal loads when operating at 210kg/cm2 and speed upto 3500RPM.Mass has developed special journal surface finishes and treatment, to obtain maximum benefits from these bearing configurations.


Low pressure bearing lubrication is a feature of all Mass Hydraulic gear pumps. This is achieved by utilizing the expression generated when the gear teeth separate to draw lubricating fluid from the inlet port and along each bearing journal by way of passage in the composite bush. This proven system ensures efficient cooling and lubrication of the bearings with a constant supply of fluid independent of operating conditions.